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> Not everything I post is a direct representation of my views. I post things I find interesting, or a conversation piece, or sometimes from a different viewpoint than I'm used to. Many issues are more complex than soundbites, and as always, I appreciate feedback on posts, and hearing different perspectives.
> Yes, this blog has a feminist slant; any posts with massive generalisations, like "men" or "women" should be taken with a grain of salt. Gender does not determine existence. Same for race, sexual identity, and any other categorisation of diverse human beings.
> Watch out for: Sarcasm, irony, and satire. Strong language. Mature subject matter, which can cause discomfort for some individuals. Pornographic content will not be shown.

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IFLS Admin is Female

The Internet:Wow the admin of a facebook page about science that has over 4.2 million likes is a girl?
The Internet:Whoa but she's cute.
The Internet:I would stick my penis in that.
The Internet:I better comment that. She probs wants to know that I'd stick my penis in her.
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