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Ask   Social Justice Blogging: A bit of it is funny, some of it is sad, but almost all of it will drive you really fucking mad.

> Not everything I post is a direct representation of my views. I post things I find interesting, or a conversation piece, or sometimes from a different viewpoint than I'm used to. Many issues are more complex than soundbites, and as always, I appreciate feedback on posts, and hearing different perspectives.
> Yes, this blog has a feminist slant; any posts with massive generalisations, like "men" or "women" should be taken with a grain of salt. Gender does not determine existence. Same for race, sexual identity, and any other categorisation of diverse human beings.
> Watch out for: Sarcasm, irony, and satire. Strong language. Mature subject matter, which can cause discomfort for some individuals. Pornographic content will not be shown.

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"So my amazing daughter, Emma, turned 5 last month, and I had been searching everywhere for new-creative inspiration for her 5yr pictures. I noticed quite a pattern of so many young girls dressing up as beautiful Disney Princesses, no matter where I looked 95% of the “ideas” were the “How to’s” of  how to dress your little girl like a Disney Princess…We chose 5 women (five amazing and strong women), as it was her 5th birthday but there are thousands of unbelievable women (and girls) who have beat the odds and fought (and still fight) for their equal rights all over the world

 - Jaime Moore, Not Just a Girl

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